MISSION READY MINING - always recruiting


Tax Rate 5.00 %
Base system: Uemsaisen V - Moon 5 - Wiyrkomi Peace Corps Assembly Plant
Member Count: 2,378

Founder of the Fly Fearless [-FEAR] alliance

Now Recruiting Mission Runners!

  • Newbie Friendly!
  • Gearing players towards Incursions - the ultimate in Mission Running!
  • Fitting Assistance!
  • Fleet Coordination Training!

MOST IMPORTANTLY: We will teach you how to pay for your account with ISK rather than Cash!

Services and programs:

  • Generous ore buy-back program
  • Dedicated Mentor program (1-2-1)
  • Ship replacement program (SRP) during wartime
  • Teamspeak voice coms
  • Full forum access
  • System structures with full access and 0% trade/indy/reprocessing rates
  • Alpha & Omega mission, incursion and mining fleets

(Recruiting Status: OPEN, PUB CHANNEL: MRMNG - Public)

Swing by our public channel today or browse our forum for the latest

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Mission Ready Mining has been my home since this past Feb, when I came back to EVE to give it a serious try because other MMO’s were boring me to death. The people are friendly, helpful and willing to assist in teaching you how to be the best pilot you can be.

They routinely have large mining fleets (with boosts), run wormhole training ops, Low and Null Sec roams to teach you about PVP, and recently we’ve even taken out large fleets to destroy Citadels that belonged to Merc groups that WarDec us. MRMNG has something for everyone, so I encourage you to give them a try.

I approve. These guys are exceptional for newer players. They have daily pvp fleets and are content oriented. Whether a player wants to pvp, or do that other weird stuff like missioning or mining, they have a spot for you.

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Enter a world of servitude to the high sec “merc” masters who own this alliance. Gai is their puppy and fiercely loyal…as he knows he’d last under a week without them.

His numbers are bloated with dead alpha toons, so expect to see perhaps at most 1-3% of the membership at the high times.

Not recommended, unless you enjoy wearing a yolk and bowing to spaceship warlords ( in their minds). He will vigorously defend his alliance and it’s horribad killboard. Do some research before you enlist into virtual slavery. He told me his protection contracts would consider lowering their “pay or else” fees in a year. What a deal.

Mr. Squad,

Based on what I’m reading in your post, you obviously don’t know a thing about MRM. Sounds like you have a personal vendetta against the CEO which bares no relevance to the corp. Perhaps we’re not paying you extortion… er protection fees anymore?

Yes, MRM has some inactive members. Show me a corp that doesn’t during the summer months. Most inactive pilots took a break from the game to try out that new MMO called Outside, but they will have a spot in corp waiting for them when they decide to return.

You pointed out our killboard. Well, if we were a merc corp, kill boards would matter to us. but we’re not, and we don’t pretend to be… But the one thing you’ll notice from our kill board is that we’re active. We actively fight back against groups that think we’ll roll over and take it. We take new pilots out on PVP training ops and teach them how to be effective. That’s what MRM does…

BTW - I find it extremely interesting that your toon was created the day you decided to post on this thread.

Oh, come on don’t forget to tell them about all the corp policies!

The best of which is the Your Doing It Wrong (YDIW) : AKA We kick people out if you die. Unless they are high ranking indv then we just rewrite this policy (on v3 already!).

Other polices include: Bitter vets screaming at noobs when they make a mistake, condescending a-holes on coms, and the daily stroke the ego of Oni or he won’t log in for a while (and apparently we can’t do anything without the guy?).

Seriously worst corp to join as a noob. You just get yelled at, and told you suck.

… and another 3 week old toon claiming to know everything about MRM.

The YDIW policy is a learning tool that is used to give members that make newbro mistakes a chance to learn from them. Not everyone can be - or wants to be taught how to thrive in EVE. Some will continue to repeat the same mistakes over and over. When that happens, then and only then and as a last resort - do we remove members, and even then - its hardly ever enforced. If you actually participated in our corp and didn’t just glean what you can twist as negative from your spy alt, you’d know this.

As for TS. you’re must be on a completely different TS than me sir. The folks on comms actively help teach others about fittings, game mechanics, PVP techniques, etc.

Now that you mention it. We do have some great policies and programs. Take out mentorship program for example. New pilots can apply to the mentorship program and get personalized guidance on any aspect of the game. missioning / mining / industry / pvp / you name it.

Anyone that’s interested in joining a Corp that can help them improve their game play, please seek us out.

Well. Since we’re discussing it, lets go ahead and get it up here.

This is a screenshot of the actual mail sent out, so that you know we’re not pulling any last-minute changes for the forum face.

Basically, we were having guys who just ignore a lot of common sense rules. Infact, most of the rules we use and live by, can be found here: https://meta.eveonline.com/t/8-golden-rules-for-eve-online/3973

The original YDIW system was wordy to keep people’s feelings from being hurt. Fact is, I don’t care about killboards, but it is MY JOB, ROLE, AND RESPONSIBILITY to minimize my membership’s loss, especially during wartime. the YDIW policy exemplifies this, by giving consequences to ships lost in a fashion inconsistant with what we consider standard operating procedures. We know that not every player can be expected to know them - which is why every YDIW includes a link to the loss, and a discussion with our PvP Admiral to talk about how they can improve thier game experience by changing thier playstyle. Everyone knows EvE isn’t a simple game to learn, and it can be frustrating fast, even without your ships popping unexpectedly to a gank, lowsec, or a wartarget.

Do me a solid guys, if you doubt our systems, or think they’re unfair… just ask.

(Also, there is no rank I won’t smack with a YDIW >:3 The higher your rank in Fly Fearless or Mission Ready Mining, the harder I come down on you. Ask any of my admiralty.)


Know one knows what its like

Too be the bad man

Too be the sad man

Behind chicken nuggies

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MRM’s great in the fact that you can take any role you want and be as active (or inactive) as you want. I mostly did my own thing for a couple of months, and lately I’ve signed up as a mentor to help new players learn about the kinds of things I have experience with.

The only criticism I have is that there may not always be someone online who wants to join you in a fleet. But that’s probably the issue with any generalist corp. If you’re not all mission-runners or PVP, there’s always a chance that there aren’t any of those guys online when you want to go out.

Despite that, there are daily opportunities for content and ISK. I love what I’ve learned from MRM and its members and I’d recommend it to anyone.


Mission Ready Mining - numbers are extremely bloated, there’s usually 40-50 Online and 10-20 on coms. Worth joining? Depends what you want really. They seem to be trying to be a poor version of Eve Uni, but they are a genuinely friendly bunch and do have a mentoring program for newbros. If you are looking for a casual high sec corp that let’s you do what you want and try’s to help the best they can then I think they are worth checking out so overall a thumbs up from me, an outside observer.

Despite claims of bloated numbers, we still rock 20-40 active online all throughout summer - which is more than most corps can boast during the winter months. Though this misconception comes from the fact that I have always promised my membership a home in MRMNG - We don’t kick for inactivity. This has resulted in many old players returning as they hear about EvE becoming Free-to-play, and being able to jump directly into corp activities, and participate as if they’d never left. It’s been a real pleasure to lead this orginization for years through both feast and famine, and it’s always a reward to see an older player return.

I am a returning player looking to get back into the action. http://eveboard.com/pilot/Kaotik will show you I am an indy/miner but interested in learning PvP. I want to feel useful. I want a reason to log in. I have research slots open, manufacturing lines open, and planets ready to be exploited. You just say the word and tell me what you need and I will work on it. Not looking to make isk as much as I am looking for an opportunity to grow, learn, and help out.

By all means, just drop an application in. We’re more than happy to take both new and returning players, and while in Mission Ready Mining, you’re free to participate in any aspect of the corp that you see fit. Everything we do is on a volenteer basis.

I myself can approve MRM is probably the best Newby Corp/ Alliance in Highsec that EVE got

Leadership is very well organized and friendly @Gai_Heiyuu one of the friendliest persons ive ever met in New Eden!

it does make fun to fly with them

Definatly a Recommentation from Sarah Vanessa :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: aka Miss Already Replaced

So do you operate in just that system?

They are not only in one System, They often do Roamings or Shoot Mercs they have a Wardec from :rofl: also often go to Lowsec do some Fun Pew pew like in Ventures or going into J-Space

perfect for veterans and noobies just to have fun playing EVE

MRMNG now officially offers moon mining. \o/

Been a member for one month now. I cannot complain about anything , the corp has been positive , the members very polite and friendly. Quite active in team speak and in game chat and ready to answer any question and help anyone with anything.

I participated in one battle with zero skill in PVP yet we managed to do quite a lot of damage with our frigates and it was a tons of fun seeing a battle with 300 ships without any lag that would kill the fun factor.

Highly recommended for anyone starting with the eve.

The whole servitude claim is funny to say the least , our CEO is very approachable and we got members so generous that gave me large chunks of money to buy my first expensive ships. They offer also a nice buyout program for those mining far away and wanting to avoid the travel with reasonable costs.

This is by far the most friendly community I ever joined and that makes them No 1 Corp in EVE.

The fact also that we have our fair shares of scammers, trolls and hypocrites trying to bring the corp down is the biggest compliment to this corp and it shows how highly valued it is in EVE universe.

Keep doing the amazing work :slight_smile:

Hello I am returning to the game after a bit of a break. I am looking for a corp while I get some real life stuff sorted out before playing. What I am looking for the most is a corp to help grow and can teach me more about my interests in this game. I am a miner/Indy pilot looking to learn more. I have research slots open, planets to manage, and manufacturing lines just waiting to be taken advantage of. Let me know if this sounds like something you guys could use.