New player looking for my spot

Hi guys and gals! I just started today, and I’ve been doing career missions and talking with some really helpful people in rookie chat. The topic of corporations has come up a lot in the 6 or so hours i’ve been playing.
I am 37 years old, male ( i know, guy playing a woman character ) and I’m disabled, so I have plenty of time to play video games. I found eve today because of a random youtube video pop up and showed some of the massive battles that have happened in eve over the years.
That got me interested, and I have been having a lot of fun so far. I am currently training into the Caracal, but also into the Scythe. I really want to get into pvp and war, but I am currently alpha. I will pay subscription as I get along further into this game.
Several really nice people have given me isk to get me along, so I feel rich right now. I’m not sure what else to put on here, but the forum post about corporations suggested that this information should be included in my post.
I do have discord and vent, because I’ve come from wow and those were required for raiding. I am fully open to advice and critique, and look forward to hopefully getting into war with cool people.
Thanks for reading!

We at hanging by a thread are looking for miners who like a saver mining spot

we live in 0.0 in inmensia under the AARP flag and have everything at our disposal from ventures to hulks, and porpoise to rorqual boosting.

Do you like to get a shot of getting better minerals and some better moon goo like R64? Are you tired of hisec gankers or do you want to change your area? Then come and take a look at our kitchen.

We have a bpc library that is open to anyone who wants to help in industry. We also have a 90% buyback program which allows us to give our industry players a better percentage than any other corporation. We have an industrial park at our disposal with which we can even build capitals.

The alliance also has a training program for those that wish to lead mining operations training plan for rorqual And a Training for leading alliance moon ops

Does this sound like something good to you? please contact us!

Discord : Hanging By A Threat

Join the Hanging By A Threat Discord Server!
Check out the Hanging By A Threat community on Discord - hang out with 46 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

what we expect is

That you are a team player

That you want to learn

That you help where it is needed

Sincerely, Evilsummit

Hello! Hope you enjoy the game as well as we all do! There are plenty of stuff to do here, you will learn it by the time and soon you will find your own place in that wonderful and cruel world.

From my side I would be happy to invite you to great null sec space among the ranks of small corps - you won’t get lost among other names, will find new friends and foes, opportunities to do every kind of activity in the game - exploration, mining, pvp - you name it! We are helpful and laid back community and we will be happy to see you among our ranks!

Poke me on discord if you want to know more - Glorfindeil#2642

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Tessa Springfield, Welcome to Eve. and congrats on your first forum post. I have a mail on its way to you. You sound exactly like the kind of good soul we are looking for to add to our current team. We’d be happy to help you explore Eve in its many facets.

Hey good evening, i sent tou a in game mail i look foward to hear from tou. I am sure Imperium Technologies can offer you alot and teach you alot about this game. We have a great group of people here. We are new bro friendly and dont mind showing you and teaching you what we have learned. Feel free to contact and we can talk more about you and IT. thank you for taking the time to read this and my mail.

Bloodytears Damon

Hey Tessa Springfield, Any decisions made yet? We sent a mail with details on what we do/have. We’d welcome you to our community, hope we hear back from you soon.

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