Mobile battery usage and data usage

(Cristl) #1

My Samsung S7 is using a lot more bandwidth on the new forums, and I think more battery too.

Anyone else notice any difference changing to the new forum?

Oh, and please let new topics have more than one input line of text. Replies have about six lines or more!

(Matthias Ancaladron) #2

Yes I’ve used quite a bit more battery simply posting in my own thread of forum design critisims with screenshots of my mobile view and issues with my mobile view.

It seems the new forums update in real time and maintain a constant connection that also means you have to constantly load the part of the page youre on. Old forums loaded the entire page and stopped there.

(Messoroz) #3

Discourse is known to murder battery life on Android in particular.Its pretty craptatiscally written in EmberJS and the creators just blame Google and don’t put much effort in fixing it. It just works on Apple they say!

(Cristl) #4

That’s a few hours with the WiFi off due to an electrical storm in the area.

It’s still hammering the battery too.