Monthly Economic Report - October 2018

Alphas don’t fly Rorquals.


This proves exactly what?

This is a global statistic

It even includes bots…

Looked like you were responding to the post right above yours: ‘Regional Stats for ‘Delve’’.

alphas are everywhere :stuck_out_tongue:

But the Delve numbers are Rorquals and supercarriers.

And Alphas don’t fly them.

Them Goonies are literally busy bee’s.

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Largest online farming simulator that’s EVE of today. Players farm isk and ore CCP farms players Koreans farm CCP

Too bad that the mites that usually attack the bees join them instead of fighting them.

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This MER doesn’t have October in some of the graphs, and this is supposed to be October.

Why do these charts end in August? This is supposed to show October. ???

Why does this chart stop two months ago?

Because Larrikin is busy “developing” EVE and having “fun” at Vegas.

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Because CCP Quant

Because of a lack of CCP Quant.

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Its like CCP is fading away slowly.

Is there a reason that the killmail dumps don’t have any kills for the last day of the month?

Sure sounds nicer than bending the knee to CCP’s grind mechanics for 2 1/2 years.

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Any way to grab this as a PDF?

Koreans farm CCP is the only thing I take from this entire thread :joy::joy::joy:

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