Monthly Economic Reports

I would like to suggest that a way be made available for pilots to help with the Monthly Economic Reports. I would suggest that pilots could donate some compute cycles like it is done for Folding@Home! This would allow the Devs that already do this to use the compute units to get other work done, freeing them time to work on Monthly Economic Reports!

I doubt the MER requires that much computing power. It’s likely just a few queries over the database and then putting that into some publishing software to make pretty graphs.


That’s nice. They have a big super-computer …
… and a smaller super-computer at their disposal …
… but it’s nice nonetheless.

You realize that they have whole TQ at their disposal? Also, MER is automated and not done by person putting numbers in excel…

And TQ don’t needs computing power. It’s just another spaghetti code that was designed by person that no longer works with CCP. As he was leaving CCP, software that generates MER’s was passed to CCP Larrikin. But since it as mysterious as POS code and missions all together nothing was really changed since then. It works so they continue to publish reports as they are.

As far I remember, we no longer get data from WH’s only because they started to become inaccurate. With inability to fix code, they just stopped to publish it

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There are some practices to make code readable, like commenting, but maybe someone just didnt knew how to fix it anyway.

I just want to say thanks for the Monthly Economic Report! Also thanks to those who make it and thanks to GM Neonfox for helping me find them! :smile:

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