Moon Goo Monthly buy contracts

I have decided to start issuing contracts out for the procurement of moon goo.
The contracts will look like this

Definition of terms
Seller: the individual getting ISK after the exchange (YOU)
Buyer: The individual getting moon goo after the exchange (ME)
Moon Goo/s: All materials listing on the market under Manufacture & Research / Materials / Reaction Materials / Raw Moon Materials.
Set Price Exchange: An agreement to buy Moon Goo at a set price per unit no matter the market value at the time.

EX. If a set price exchange is set at 95,000/unit and the market value drops to 85,000 the buyer is obligated by the contract to buy the moon goo at that price or the buy will lose any rights to buy moon goo at that price from that time on.

Adjustable Price Exchange: An agreement to buy Moon Goo at a negotiated price percentage made at the time of the arrangement.
Ex. If an Adjustable price exchange is agreed on at Jita buy plus 5% and the price is at 95,000/unit the buyer will pay 99,750 one month. If the next month they fall to 85,000 the buyer will now pay 89,250.

Ex Contract
Buyer and seller have agreed to a (Set price exchange/Adjustable Price Exchange) This entitles the seller to sell to the buyer the moon goo Type of Moon Goo/s to be sold at the agreed rate of the rate agreed on in the amount of amount to be sold per month the buyer holds no right to forgo purchasing the Moon Goo under any circumstances other then the once listed under Rights to terminate no matter the price change for a period of __period agreed on __ .

Rights to terminate
The buyer and the seller have the right to terminate the contract if all of the terms below are met.
o The price of the moon goo/s is/are being manipulated to the point where business cannot be done to the benefit of both parties
Manipulated price is a price that swings rapidly and without justification
o An arrangement to sell/buy at a non-manipulated price cannot be met in 3 days
o The party wishing to terminate the deal has informed the other and given them 2 days to respond
o The 2 days have passed with no good faith attempt to remedy the dispute
o The party has posted on the official eve forums where this agreement was made informing the public of the closing of the agreement and showing prof that all other criteria was met.

The buyer and the seller have the right to terminate the contract if one of the fallowing terms is met

  1. One party belongs to a corp or alliance that will no longer allow them to partake in this dealing and an email from the corp’s CEO or Alliance executer is sent to the other party.
    o The party must have belonged to this organization when the deal was made
    o Any other dealings the other party has with members of this corp will also be voided
  2. One of the buyers has had a contract with a member of the others corp or alliance voided by number 1.
  3. One party has taken violent action against the other in an attempt to force them to violate the deal. This will give the right to terminate the deal to the party that was the victim of the attack.
  4. One party asks or pays someone to violate number 3 in hopes to avoid being involved.
  5. One party is actively manipulating prices of the moon goo/s to affect the deal.

The terms to renegotiate the deal
The buyer and seller have the right to request a renegotiation at any point 1 month after the deal has been made however this may be rejected by the other party
Rights to Renegotiation

One party has the right to demand a renegotiation if all terms below are met.
o The continuation of the deal will leave one party unable to keep playing the game.
o The party demanding has acted in good faith up to this point
o The request was made on the eve online forums
o The demanding party has made a new offer at the start of the deal.
o At the end the party that did not demand the renegotiation post the new terms on the Eve online forums.

One party has the right to demand the renegotiation of the deal If one of the following are met.

  1. Real life has made it imposable to maintain the deal as it is. (Will involve a postponement of the deal)
    Terms and conditions of collateral will be decided on if and when the parties decide it is necessary

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