Moon Mining was scheduled for 1700, actually happened 20 hours before


(Ashala Arcsylver) #1

I had a scheduled moon mining today according to the system that was supposed to end at 1700. However when I logged in 15 minutes prior to that I discover that the asteroid belt had already been formed and was long gone some 20 hours prior to the scheduled time.

Is there something I am misunderstanding about how the scheduling works for the moon mining or what?

(Nevyn Auscent) #2

You did remember to do it on eve time and not local time?

(Ashala Arcsylver) #3

Yes I made sure it was Eve time and not my local time, I am only 6 hours off eve time so it definitely wouldn’t be 20 hours off

(Piugattuk) #4

Wow, some groups mined it out, they must have been some mining op because it takes some doing to clear a field.

(system) #5

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