Mining Asteroid, Moon Mining and more 2

Mining Asteroid, Moon Mining and more 2
Mining Post 95:
The last post was : Feb 4 ,
however, it was listed as of Mar 18, which is only 2 months, and not 3, as Feb 4, 2021 is over 3 months since 2 days ago, on the 5th of May, 2021,
which I have missed, thanks to all the interference that I had to register copyright of records and descriptions of, without slandering or libeling them with negative connotations which would void the copyright.

I managed to do some mining in Null-Sec.

I should update the rest of the images I scanned of the notes that I took on Mining and Planetary Interactions / Planetary Productions, with over 10 to 20 pilots back then.

I produced all higher Tiers of productions with their other previous parts, which previous parts I stored, to load on planets with patterns to design the higher Tiers without extracting what they needed for it from there,
from other planets instead.

Of course, each of those sells for their own values, which values are also good to analyze for comparative values , such as fluctuation and more.

Mining 2 - Post 96:
I joined a Null-Sec Corp but I will leave them shortly as they have communication problems.

I can’t see how I Scout for them or do anything with them when they simply attack communication and seek to simply confound communication.

What the word confounded mean?

1 : confused, perplexed. 2 : damned I can’t close this confounded window.

### Confounded | Definition of Confounded by Merriam-Webster

M2 - P96 - Edit 2:
It turns out it was a Low Amount of comparative RAM available on my end while their system was probably running some internal server/client updates.

That glitched the communication to respond, including the Fleet channel from loading while I was in chat.

I logged back in later with the same account pilot and the system data was operational on all channels including Intel.

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