Public Highsec Moon Mining Event

Hello fellow capsuleers!

We are the United Lunar Extraction Corporation and our mission is to provide public Moon mining events in Highsec for everyone that is interested and wants to make some ISK mining moon goo and high-value ores without putting up too much risk.

We have been funded by a few philanthropic veterans who chose to stay anonymous and we have put up 3 Athanors in the System of Niarja (0.5). All 3 Structures are currently pulling up a big chunk of the moons they are sitting on and will be ready at 19:00 Eve time on Friday the 23.02.2018.

The combined estimated value of the ores that are being pulled from the moons just exceeds 6 billion ISK. I am inviting each and everyone of you to bring your mining barge / orca / venture or mining battleship to Niarja to one of the following Citadels:

Niarja - V-IV Mining comes out at 19:00 eve time
Niarja - V-VIII Mining comes out at 20:00 eve time
Niarja - VIII-II Mining comes out at 21:00 eve time

So the Niarja system should provide us with high value ore for the entire evening and everybody should be able to get a chunk of the spoils that are promised.

I’m looking forward to mine with all of you. see you on friday!

I’d like to thank the anonymous donators again for their contributions to this and I hope you turn up in big numbers!

Cpt Garbage


Sounds like fun, I will warm up my Skiff and stock up on moon crystals.
EVE time is GMT time, right?

Currently, yes.

EVE time is EVE time. Local time is irrelevant. Look at the clock in the bottom left. That’s the only time (clock) that matters. As for local time: EVE time is UTC.

As for the event itself: I hope you have some logistics with you, in particular for those who don’t bring Skiffs or Procurors. :wink:


All of the most legit player-run events are hosted by anonymous forum alts.

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What a fun way to get some nice kills for CODE. :joy: you got any protection for the orcas that arrive to mine moons?

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My thoughts exactly…

All of the sudden, local fills with reds (code and their alts) and dscan shows 20 catalysts. Always mine aligned.

Well others may show up to pop those reds like code, you never know, good way to collect bounties and have some fun.

I arrived a bit late but great mining operation. Folks really friendly even got bumped. I went away had tea, went shopping returned to see the guy still bumping away on me.

Thanks Captain Garbage.

PS Still lots of rocks left. :slight_smile: and when is the next lot due!

Glad you liked it!
Next timer will be this upcoming friday, again at 19:00 eve time.

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