Mortis Angelus is 17 years old. Public roaming fleet and prize draw in celebration 20.00 tonight!

December 26th our corporation is turning 17 years.

For this reason we will be doing a public fleet roam and we would like to invite you to take part.

Time: 20:00 eve time (Sunday 26th)

Departure: 20:15 eve time (please be on time)

Place: Jita 4-4 station

Ships: Cruisers and below (Shield)

Hunting area: To be determined, please have in mind we are 100% independent so any alliance space is free game for us.

We will at the at some point in the roam have a draw and pick a lucky winner.

Draw conditions:


1B isk

How do i join fleet: Join the following ingame channel Mortis info and x up.

There you will find also our discord that we will use as coms.

Who will take part of the draw:

Everyone in local at the moment of the draw.

We will copy all fleet members from local and add their names to the draw list.

This includes any The morgue. and MORTS members.

How will we pick the name:

We will use Wheel of Names to pick the lucky winners name. This is a randomizer page that we do not control.

Since we will using discord we will stream the draw so fleet members can see who the winner is.

See you in fleet.


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