Most Popular (consumed from markets) Booster

Looking to get into Booster Reactions. Help my limited Market Analysis . Is the Blue Pill the most consumed booster from Markets/ Most profit right now?
Is there any reaction process that covers the most booster production i.e. used in A’s and B’s production so a safer investment?

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if somebody has made the effort to find this, he won’t spread this unless he found a better investment and expect y o to go on this one. Just saying.

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Blue Pill, Exile and Drop are the bread and butter of drugs.

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Drug production is wildly variable, depending not just on the sales price of the boosters, but on the fluctuating price of raw materials and blueprint costs. Even if Blue Pills are up today, they may be down tomorrow - not to mention the significant differences among strength versions. Due the complexity of production, the only way to know what’s profitable at any given moment is to run your own spreadsheets. Building the spreadsheets is no small task but there is no shortcut.

Boosters are some of the most complex production in the game because of the difficulty in accurately computing profit margins and the lack of external tools to assist in production decisions.

I would mention crash here too. Great for adding dps to blingy frigs or ceptors.
People will harp on about rlml being Op but they still lose application to ceptors and best of all a standard crash is like 2.3x as effective as its counterpart x-instinct.

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