Drug help

So, I’m doing some station trading and it’s going rather slowly…need something to do while buy orders are waiting to buy.

Was thinking L4 missions,…no Idea if that’s viable nowadays or, rather, makes a good amount of money compared to abyssal or low/null exploration sites? Either way, I’ve always wanted to get into drug manufacturing. Is that a viable profit activity?

Do I just get an athanor set up in low sec, with the BP’s and required materials, and then smuggle them into Jita?

Can’t find any relevant recent information on drug life.


aptly named.

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Can you produce drugs in hi-sec now that its legal to move them?

No, reactions are still restricted to low and nullsec.

In case you are doing it on your own, no it is not. It can be for some boosters since they are in high demand like blue pill, exile or frentix and mindflood booster but not all the booster pills are in high demand.
For the first two of them, the blue pill and exile, they increase the amount of hp of shield boosters and local armor repairers.
The other two are very specific since frentix has only downsides for missiles ships and mindflood is only helpful if you really need to handle your capacitor with so much care that a blue pill or an exile pill won’t do very much.

Boosters also occupy slot in your, so you cannot take them all and hope you won’t get so high, that you fly your ship into the next billboard.

The blue pill, the exile pill and mindflood go into slot 1
Frentix and sooth sayer go into slot 2, so you can pair them with a blue pill or whatever but you cannot take a blue pill and an exile at the same time.

The market is more or less controlled by fellas in lowsec and nullsec and if you have good connection to either of those, you can get really good deal or you get them for free.

My advise, do something else to earn money and do booster production either for yourself only or try it once to have had the experience.

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