Mouse pointer disappears mid game

I have an issue that started a few days ago on my M1 MacBook Pro. I start the game fine, do various things and then my mouse cursor disappears. I have to command / tab to drop out of the client then move my mouse around until it reappears. I go back to the game client and my mouse is fine for a few seconds. I go back to clicking on various things and then the mouse pointer goes again.

Anyone experienced the same? I can’t run windowed as the supported resolution isn’t big enough.




Unfortunately M1 is not supported at the movement. We are trying to fix not supporting M1 by developing the Native Mac client which is on the way though I do not have a date yet.

While we wait you can try changing from full screen to windowed mode or vice versa. Try another mouse. Turn of any third party program that might be running in the background.

I think it was something running in the background - possibly discord and notifications drawing mouse focus away. It’s stopped now but thanks for the reply.

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