Can someone help me out? my mouse keeps freezing

and i can move the cursor around but I cant click on keyboard seems to be working HELP!!!

Is that happening only in game, or in Windows too?

Have you thought to put a coat on your mouse?


Must be windows opened to wide (especially on Mac). It’s cold in northern hemisphere now.

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I have had issues like that where I cannot click things in the drop down menu. This also seems to be accompanied by local chat getting broken and gates not working right.

My advice is to shut down the EVE client and reboot it (mind you I did NOT just suggest logging off and loggin on. I mean SHUT down the client completely). Seems to have worked for me, but appearances can be deceiving.

i have tried everything…my mouse will not click on anything

Some problem here. The mouse is dead, keyboard works.

I have the same issue. On an iMac running macOS 10.15.7. I can move the cursor (and use it fine in other applications) but can not click on anything in EVE. If I hold the mouse over an item or button and hit the enter key I can usually activate it (which is how I selected the character on the first page).

Thanks to anybody who can help.

Food for thought: if you command+out of EVE always make sure you press the command after refocusing the EVE client (really bad sticky keys going on). I have had a different issue like this but normally hitting all the modifier keys quick undoes the stupid.

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