Fullscreen messed up since downtime

Since downtime, when I log in on my Mac (M2 16") I lose the bottom 100 or so pixels of my screen, it jsut drops off the bottom and takes the bottom of windows and the HUD with it.

If I toggle to windowed and back it fixes it, but also messes up all my window placement.

Here’s an example = stuff is just cut off at the bottom. I’m running at 2560x1600 but I switched through resolutions all the way up to 4112x2658 and it seems to make no difference. I think it might have something to do with the letterboxing done on the mac client to hide the notch on the laptop screen.


Same here! (M1 Max, 16")

Same for me, using a M1 Pro 17" 16GB.

Similarly to OP, I’ve tried every trick in the book to try and resolve it to no avail.

Same issue but nothing seems to correct it, cannot play in fullscreen mode as a result

Try swapping to windowed and then use the green traffic light button to go back to fullscreen. That works for me temporarily - but it does make me re-set windows scaling and reposition all my windows. It might not be a good solution to use frequently.

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Same here, M2 pro 17" 32GB. Bug report submitted.

Same here. 14" M1 Pro 16GB. Also submitted a bug report

Same on MacBook M2 Pro 14". Submitted

Yet patch note came but no fixs…

Has anyone been able to check since today’s patch? There’s nothing specific for it in the patch notes.

This is still an issue.

Nothing in the patch notes and nothing has been fixed either. A bit annoying.

@GM_Mechanic hate to be that annoying guy that pings about their own pet peeve but having to rebuild my UI every time I wanna play is getting really old really fast - there are multiple bug reports now is it possible to get a confirmation that it’s on the team’s radar at least?

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Yet an other patch and no fixs :smile:

This is still an issue.
MacBook Pro 14 M1 Pro

Here too.

Still an issue after DT today.


Happening to me as well. Posted this in the Mac forum. I managed to get a fullscreen view by setting the highest resolution in fixed window mode. But that is a terrible workaround because I see no reason to tax my machine so hard to generate a 4k render when 1080p works just as well.

Still an issue following downtime today.