Fullscreen messed up since downtime

Same here. M1 Max 14"

Still here…slowly disappointed.

Hey there folks,

Thank you OP for starting this discussion and to everyone else for the information they have added. We have received your bug reports and it’s being looked at by the Developers. I appreciate your patience and understanding while this is being worked on.


Thank you for the info! Good to know that you have it on your open-issues list :+1:

Same problem related to the resolution but a little different. When connecting, the game automatically changes the resolution to native screen resolution and does not remember the resolution change for the next session.

yeah, same here. The patch from yesterday did fix the original issue, but now this new issue is there.

Thanks for the confirmation!

Fixed after todays DT. Thank you devs!

@GM_Chaos Everything seem to be behaving itself now! Thanks for the updates (and to the team for getting the fixes out).