Chopped up display

I just got my new 16" MBP. I put eve on it and tried to run it. The launcher worked, it started the game, but the screen was unusable. It looked like someone had divided the display into 30 x 60 little blocks, then moved each a few places left, right, up or down.
As it is a new computer, it has the latest version of Catalina on it. I am in the middle of all that one does to get a new computer going, so no more details available atm, and I have not made a bug report yet.
In the mean time, any ideas?
Edit; a screen shot of the chopped up screen is itself NOT chopped up.

AMD Radeon Pro 5500M
VRAM (Total): 8 GB

I found a work-around.

  1. System preferences, displays. Set resolution to scaled, set it to the one on the left (lowest resolution).
  2. Start eve. For me it started properly. Once started, go to the esc menu, and set the graphics to windowed.
  3. You can the reset the display preference to your desire, and adjust eve to get the window you want.
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I have the same issue. macOS inbuilt screenshot facility doesn’t even work. This is what I’m seeing:

I’ve reinstalled the game, toggled the retina flag in the launcher settings. Window mode sometimes works if set to a low resolution but can end up corrupted again.

Exact same problem for me. CCP so far say its my fault!

The solution posted by Vincent Athena worked for me

I still got problems … 8 hours in …

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3rd day … I give up.
going to try bootcamp.

reinstalled MacOs
Above fix worked ^^^^^

I have a Late 2019 16" Retinal MacBook Pro now, replacing the Early 2013 MBP that had the failing video graphics. Power up Eve, see the same thing the OP sees. I have Accessibility turned on, so when I zoom in slightly; the graphic image clears up and I can see everything normally. When I zoom back to normal the graphics instantly scrambles. Seems clear that the Eve app is not quite handling graphics on this hardware quite correctly at the nominal settings. JUST the nominal settings!

The Accessibility zoom worked for me too. Good workaround; hope they fix this soon.

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