Move Plex to vault do not work


why i have everytime before i can move plex from corp deliverys, to conbtract the plex and delete the contract and only after this step i can move it my vault… without this it do not move… Why? its every time, cache cleared etc… and it is on every character. when the plex is on a NPC station, it move fine, but when on player structures it do not move…

edit: it is always on plex that were bought by a buy order.

Are you IN the same station as the station with the plex?

no, i want do it from other location.(it work fine) after you"move " the plex

Are you sure its not in the vault? The personal assets tab will not update once you move plex into your vault, unless you close the assets window and reopen it.

yes i am very sure.

Okay, just checking.

I still love you BTW.

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me2 you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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To clarify a bit; you’re mentioning the Corp Deliveries which is where items that is bought on behalf of your corporation will end up, items in this hangar cannot be moved remotely and will have to be moved to a Corp member’s personal hangar or to one of the Division hangars, in case of PLEX to be able to move it into PLEX-vault.

I think you had confused about what is/was what, you probably meant Assets window where you actually can remotely put PLEX into the vault. Else what Solonius Rex said

as i wrote before, you can perfect move from corp deliverys to to vault if:
it is a NPC station
and if it is a upwell structure, then you have often to contract that plex to no matter who and delete the contract immediatly, and then it move fine like on NPC station…

edit: i make a video now for you.

@ISD_Sakimura here look

Ok, just seems weird then although from what I can see in your video, you are using Corporation Assets which is not quite the same as Corp Deliveries :rofl:


Missed that one

also? will it fixed?

lol… have an answer from the bug department… its not a bug, its an case for customer support… its normal, that you cannot move plex direct to plex vault…

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