Multiboxing and screen freezing

I’m running multiple monitors with multiple clients. Most of the time my clients run without issues, my cpu/memory/gpu utilization levels stay in the 50-70% range and everything runs smoothly regardless of what I’m doing in game.

Sometimes however, one client on a random monitor will go black or freeze, the game still responds to clicking (ie: if I double click in space it’ll move and if I click the right spot where a module will be it’ll activate, etc) but I can’t see anything. If it’s frozen, then moving the client to a different monitor will fix it, if it’s black screened then switching around to different clients in that monitor will change which one has the black screen, relogging will fix it.

Any ideas on what’s causing this or how to fix it?

Try disable dx 12 in launcher settings. may multiboxers says that it causes a lot of issues.


Random black screen after undock when multiboxing. Yeah thats how I lost a few ships in past…

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