Multiboxing Questions

Alt tabbing on my pc is limited to 16 tabs max. I have to press windows+tab now because that allows me to have more tabs on the overview.
Someone knows how to extend the maximum tabs at once on alt tab?

I’ve always found window’s alt-tab feature to be somewhat lacking. Have you considered an Auto-hotkey script and shortcut keys to activate individual windows? the Win activate “” function in AHK if memory serves. I believe someone made a youtube video about it some years ago. Very basic code doesn’t take long to figure out at all and as long as you don’t input any actions into the game completely legal unless I’m horribly mistaken.

Can’t say that I’ve ever run into the Alt-tab limit but 10 years ago multiboxing 8 accounts AHK was a godsend.

I think that using AHK in such a way is not allowed under the EULA on the topic of automation. Doing so would give an unfair, and clear, advantage over anyone playing normally.

Better to ask GMs for confirmation, to be sure. When in doubt, ask before doing it.

I would suggest using EVE-O and all your clients are just a single click away and it a confirmed way to bypass alt-tabbing


I mean, not sure how having a button to switch to a specific client would be against the EULA, technically we already have that on the taskbar :stuck_out_tongue:

Binding a client to a hotkey is allowed. Your recommended programm Eve-O does also support this feature.

This means if you hit the button, the client appears on top. If you want EveO will also automaticly minimize all other clients, to safe performance. If you dont want the preview windoes, you can also disable them.

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