Multiple PVP Characters Looking For a Small Gang Wormhole Corp

Hello. My name is Zander Exvirus, and as you can probably guess, I am looking for a new home. Here is my recruitment post, what I am looking for, ect.

About Me:

I am a 16 year old high school student from the US. I have been playing EVE since I was 12, so I have a decent amount of experience. I play a decent amount of EVE along with other games and I would think of myself as a pretty chill dude. I cannot be on 24/7 due to what other activities I partake in such as sports, hunting, fishing, and school, but I play enough to be a contributing member to most groups.

Corp History:

Early in my EVE career I hung around highsec, I got bored so I moved to null expecting massive battles ect in Space Monkeys Alliance. I bounced between corps in that alliance, and during WWB it collapsed so the corp relocated to Catch. We chilled there for a few months, joined Goonswarm Federation, then bounced into another corp in GSF. I got bored with nullsec, so I moved on to try wormhole space. I absolutely love wormhole space, good isk, good fights, and good people. I bounced around multiple high class corps, stayed in a small corp known as Endless Defiance for a bit, after I went over to No Vacancies. I liked it there, but I hit a busy time in my life so I had trouble keeping up and I didnt make it. From there I made my current corp, tried my hand at leadership, and sadly it failed. That leaves me here, looking for a good group of people to play with.

What I Am Looking For:

I am looking for a group that well, is better than me. I know this sounds strange, but I want to join a group with PVP pilots that are better than me so I can learn, and I want healthy pressure from others to improve. I want a wormhole corp, but lowsec and nullsec will be considered. I want no more than 100 real people, I like smaller corps because the people inside tend to become friends, so you can better trust others and have good relationships. I want small gang or medium sized fleets, capital ganks, fights, roams, ect. I would like a group that allows krabbing but has a PVP first attitude, I have my own income so isk should not be a problem as long as I have time to do PVE. Most importantly I want to become a better EVE player. I want better leadership skills, fleet command skills, I want to lose less ships and kill more, and most importantly have fun.


I have 23 million SP on my main, 11 million SP on my secondary account, and multiple low SP characters that I use for PI, scanning, seeding, and backup (I had more on my main but I extracted SP to pay for my previous corp, which I regret).

My main can fly a good bhaalgorn and revelation. T2 large lasers, and many many backup skills. I extracted a lot of ship command and T2 weapon skills, but it is a fairly quick injection if it is needed, and I am 100% willing to grind for injectors. I am training for the loki, damnation, t2 triglavian weapons, and other things.

My secondary character can fly guardians and sleipnirs, logi 5, sabres, some support skills but he might need a small train for those. He is training for the nestor and retributions weirdly.

I have a 3rd alpha account but it has very little SP and he is training basics, I dont know what I want to do with it.

The two omega accounts have PI, Reaction, and Scanning alts, but they are fairly insignificant.

Non SP Skills:

Willingness to learn

Minimal FC skills

Combat experience

Wormhole knowledge on scanning, rolling, system classes, effects, statics, politics, evictions, mass, fights, doctrines, ect.

Overall pretty good knowledge of the game mechanics

Willingness to change


So if you had a corp that you think would fit me, please post in here, mail me in game, or discord PM me and we can set up a interview or something. I will also be actively looking for corps that interest me so I might pop into your channel. Thank you for your time!

Discord: Zander “Dumpster Fire” Exvirus#3774

Let’s talk. Label_Guy#7794 (discord)

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Hey I think you might be interested in joining a corp called Kenshin. They’re a PVP focused corp within Darkness that have multiple FCs and hardcore PVPers with caps of all kinds. You mentioned a null corp would be an option so I’m only touting the best fit for you in my opinion.

It’s a very laid back atmosphere across all timezones. Where they reside currently is in Deklein. So you have the option to make the most isk possible and pvp constantly with small gang or large fleets.

In game name: Millineon Silvership

Public chat: kenshin.

If you’ve got questions or anything just eve mail me in game I’m on nightly.

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Hey there! If you are interested in worm hole space, give the fine people at Phantom Operatives a shout! We’re super casual WH corp that farms C3’s and take advantage of whatever pvp opportunities the hole provides us, as well as a budding industrial complex for manufacturing and production. Anyway, I hope to seeya around! Please send me an in-game mail if your interested, or haunt the channel “Phantom-PUB”! Thanks and have a great day!

Honestly, you sound like a perfect fit. We definitely cover small (on a typical night, its usually 3-5 guys hanging around.) We usually rat C3’s if we need money or small gang roam in T3’s… aaaand we’re not above hovering over some of our newer players while they do relic and data sites, ready for a counter drop. If you’re interested, would love to hear from ya! Good luck in your search and have fun!

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sent a friend request!

I think Deadman’s squad might be a good fit for you. We offer kind of a “best of both worlds” approach. We’re a smaller tight knit Corp of long time friends and veteran players that like to do blops and small gang roams together. We also have access to larger alliance fleet when we want to get our f1 monkey on as well as good space to keep up our PvP addiction.

We have an 18+ rule, however from your post you seem relatively mature so we may be willing to make an exception after talking with you.

Good luck in whatever your choice. More info linked below

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Just to clarify, I will be looking around for a week or two, then choose a corp to go after and join.


Take your time dude picking a corp is a big decision. If you don’t pick any suggested then it really doesn’t matter I just hope to see you come kill me one day :joy:


Still looking for offers. I am 100% willing to inject skills.

Hi there.
I think we would be a good fit. It looks like you have some offers here so I’ll spare you the advertisement.

Sub Inc. Undocking is our Specialty.

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If you decide to pursue phantom ops, it might be a couple of days before we could get you in. Alfony and I, and a couple others, are on kind of an extended camp in a shattered hole… Hopefully we score some kills and when we get tired of camping, we close the access holes and run the sites.

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