Music issue with multiple accounts

Hello, I tried to find the answer, but I couldn’t.
I’m currently using multiple accounts on different windows. I would like to hear eve music (am I crazy…?). When I turn up the volume of a music in one window - it’s all fine. I hear music just from the one window/client. However when I close all the windows/clients and turn them on again - music is playing from all of the them. I know I can manually change the volume each time I open windows/clients, but is there any way to fix this - that music would only play from one of them?

At the login client, you can click the cogwheel at each account to Select Client Profile.

If you give your accounts different profiles you can use different settings for each account profile independently, which means you can have one account with music and other accounts without, rather than having them all listen to one setting.

While it doesn’t affect the login screen music (at least I haven’t found it, but maybe there’s a setting for that too?) it does affect the ingame music so you only have to listen to it once.

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Thank you very much! That’s what what I was looking for.

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