Multiple Client Audio

This will seem a very picky point to make but it’s an issue I have always seen as obvious one and with all the audio changes that have happened, I’m not sure why it hasn’t been picked up already. It’s obvious no one wants to listen to two sets of music playing at the same time so if there is more than one client active on a system why does music play on all. Every client will adopt the same audio setting on the next restart so I find myself sliding audio sliders around all over the place every time I want to use another account and still have the full Eve audio experience.

It’s not a big deal I know but after years of changing the same setting and sliders it seems it could be that little bit better.

You could just mute all music in the clients and play it outside of the game. like YouTube. I know that’s not really a fix for your problem, but a workaround. And it won’t adjust in game music if things like combat happens, but I would prefer that before ticking that music-checkbox every time I switch a client. :chillparrot:

Yea this would be a nice change. I keep having to adjust one of my accounts (mining booster) to get rid of that annoying weapons timer countdown. Best case scenario it adopts the settings from my other accounts and I only have to edit that one account. Worst case all the other accounts adopt the booster settings and I have to adjust all but one.

Either way: per-account audio settings :+1:

Set up unique account setting profiles and you won’t have this issue.

sounds like more work than the slides, also I need to learn how to do this which is even more time

Open launcher, press gear icon next to an account name.
Manage profiles.
New profile.

Then only accounts using that profile will change it’s settings.

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