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Feature Request:

It would be great to have the option on the launcher to save profiles for both the graphics settings & audio settings based on what my intended playstyle is that day. Sometimes I need lower graphics settings to handle many clients, or a passive style whilst doing other things and playing eve in the background. Other times I need eve to be at full quality both visually and audially optimized for one screen and full attention.

Two small dropdown menu’s by each character’s name on the launcher would handle this perfectly, and the option to save settings in those two categories. Thanks for all the other similar feature improvements over the past 5 years, I’m pleased overall.

The existing launcher profiles already respect your audio and video settings.

If I recall you can find those in the cogwheel next to your account name. While you cannot adjust video and audio settings there, it will save the settings you have used ingame for that profile.

That’s what I use to make sure my second client opens on a different monitor with low settings and music muted.

I like the ingame music, but not to hear it twice. :stuck_out_tongue:


The game saves the settings of the last client you changed. If you turn sound on or off, or change graphics quality from lower to higher, it will launch clients with the new settings, but It will not let you save settings profiles per account, or set templates at different settings prior to launch. You have to launch a dummy client, change the settings, close it, then launch your group.

Woah, that’s a terrible design.

A small addition: The game saves the settings of the last client you changed to the profile that is active for that client.

If you have a ‘high quality profile’ and make changes ingame, it will adjust your ‘high quality profile’ and save the changes. It won’t change your other profiles though, as far as I know.

Correct, that’s how you can update the profile. Make changes and the profile is updated.

It allows you to save as many settings as you have profiles. And you can link any profile to any account, have multiple accounts to the same profile, or switch between different profiles for your account when you play with lower or higher graphics settings.

For example you could swap between ‘high quality’ and ‘sounds off’ for your main account and have your additional accounts all use a ‘low resource multibox’ profile.

In my case, I use two different profiles, but you could make many more and pick the profile that fits your current gameplay style.

You’ll get that profile, complete with audio, video (and I think UI settings too) for that profile.

Yea, that’s a downside, you cannot change the settings without going into the game to change the settings.

Switching to lower or higher graphics is easily done ingame though:


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