Graphics setting Profiles

I, and I believe many other players, play EVE in more that one graphics settings

Personally, I use low settings when I am, for instance, auto-pilotting, or doing missions on my secondary screen whilst playing an another game on the primary screen.
And - then I have to manually change the settings when I want to play on my primary screen, with better graphics.
And then manually revert it back.
And then up-it, also manually, again.

What I propose: possibility of having “presets” or “profiles”. Player would have the option to create one set of settings for exploration, another for fleet combat, and another for blob warfare.

UI suggestion: left is as-is, center and right is how it could be; a small scroll-down menu. (developement-wise, I believe single digits of MDs, and similar amount of testing would be needed)

Several setting changes do not apply without a client relaunch, which is probably part of why presets for these are stored as profiles in the launcher instead of client-side for swapping. While it won’t address in-game swap use cases, the launcher profile functionality is pretty good for when you know what you want to do at the time you launch the game client.

Yeah, as Mkkaden said, you can create different profiles, but can’t swap them in game. Personally, I want the ability to save graphics settings, resolutions, and window placements, and the ability to swap between them on the fly. But, I doubt a lot of players would make use of such functionality, so I can’t blame CCP for not working on it.

This. I don’t turn up my graphics unless it’s going to be a really big explosion.

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