Muslim/Middle eastern Corporation?(english)

Salamu Aleikum,

is there any Muslim corp who is active until now?

Try one of the corporations in CODE.

@Ima_Wreckyou can help you find your way

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Faylee, I’m not sure if we have such a corp actually.

But we of-course welcome people from all walks of life. @Bahira_Ormand, if you are interested to join, New Order Logistics is our newbro friendly corp:

Hi there,

You should look for a Corp that can offer activities that your are interested in or that can help you reach your goals in EVE. You should not bring RL Politics and/or Religions into the game, It may very well get you more problems than you’d like. Don’t forget that it’s your character that leave an impact on the New Eden world, not you as a player, but your character do indeed do so by the actions and decisions you make as a player.

Instead of asking for a “Muslim” Corp, you could instead ask if there are any “Middel Eastern” Corps around :wink:

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