Muspelheim - Recruiting Nullsec capsuleers

We are part of Serpentiss Associates, a growing nullsec alliance
with a healthy mix of industry, ratting and PVP.

We are looking for New and experienced players to build a good community.
Omega preferred (exeptions can be made).

We offer:
☜Regular PvP fleets / PvP Training
☜Upgraded sytem to rat/mine
☜Boosted mining operations
☜Ore/PI/Ice Buyback Program
☜TS3 / Discord / Web Services

We require:
☜TS3 / Discord with working Mic
☜5.000.000 skillpoints (exeptions can be made)
☜Full account API

Feel free to join our alliance channel : 'Shadow Tavern’
Or talk to us in our recruitment channel :

Or contact one of the recruiters in game:
Lady Bayushi
Tanya Frost

Join the nullsec gameplay.

Gather 'round the fires of Muspelheim and spin tales of glory.

Join today!

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