Mustang Manufacturing Inc. [Nullsec Industry/Ratting/PVE]

Are you Tired of having to do Mandatory Fleets and get Certain amounts of PAPs to be able to stay in a Corporation.

If you are tired of that requirement, then you have come to the right place. Mustang Manufacturing Incorporated is focused on doing what you love the most. We dont require PAPS or force you on fleets. We are part of Spaceship Family which prioritizes Real Life first and enjoying Eve.

We Offer The Following and More

  • A friendly environment where Real Life comes first.
  • A Family atmosphere where everyone is treated like family
  • A group of highly experienced pilots with experience in everything that EVE has to offer.
  • Daily PVP content
    -Assistance to move to nullsec along with starter ships
    -120% SRP program( including fleets you ping)
    -We offer alliance buyback on most items in the game.
    -Great IT tools to help you track the stuff that matters to you.
    -As part of the Spaceship Family Alliance you will get access to great Dad Jokes.

We are Currently Looking for a few Jumpstarters who would to be the foundational building blocks to start a Nullsec Corporation, Including launching a PVE, PVP, Explo wing and more

If you are interested then join our discord server.

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