Mutated Drones

Not gonna lie, this one slipped past me. When I logged in and saw there was a new drone skill I was curious, so I immediately start training it (I can’t be without perfect drone skills, it’s an offense to me) and I get excited. Mutated drones? Yes please!

Immediately I’m thinking these are Trig drones, drones that spool up over time, much like Trig ships. There haven’t been new drones since Geckos years ago, how refreshing to the gameplay! Nope, just beefier mutated drones. Don’t get me wrong, those are still great, but can we do my thing too? Possibly with rep drones that will ramp up as well? Logi Love.

Feels like a more dynamic way to bring drone boats into the fray without just giving them more slappin power outright.

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don’t forget the T2 salvage drones…while yes there wasn’t a new skill i don’t think, we did get new drones in them.

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