MWD draw on capacitor

Does a microwarp drive not have a set GJ need on the capacitor after activation or or does GJ’s vary based on speed you set? For example, if my top speed with MWD is 2000 m/s but I adjust down to 800 m/s does it pull less from the capacitor?

Its upon activation of the mod

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As Geo says above: A fixed amount of capacitor per cycle of the MWD regardless of the speed you are doing.

The High Speed Manoeuvring skill gives a saving in per cycle MWD capacitor use. The Acceleration Control skill improves the maximum speed you can achieve with MWDs and Afterburners.

Also, fitting a MWD reduces the capacitor size by typically about 20-25%. This has the side effect of reducing the capacitor recharge rate by a similar amount since the time to full remains the same.


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