Losing base velocity with micro

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so i lose base speed when i activate my micro? in a c1 black hole

Microwarpdrives change your ship’s mass. The new “Max Velocity without” is calculated taking into consideration the increased mass that the MWD gives you when it’s turned on.

multiplication from propmod = module_mult*thrust/ship_mass

So yes you can lose speed if the thrust is too low.

edit : just realized it’s not your question.

This seems to be a bug, you should report itin the game with those screens.

so according to your logic this should happen 100% of the time and not just this single time in a wormhole that boosts speed. got it

thanks for actually reading

your post lacked a description.

BEFORE You activate the MWD, the tooltip shows a base speed, and a modified speed.
AFTER You activate the MWD, the tooltip shows different values for those two speeds, while each should be the same.

A possible reason is, that the tooltip does not take into account the effect of the WS the same way as the game does, ie with rounding. A C1 BH is +30% speed I guess, with that speed I thought of a stabber but actually a stabber would be faster without the nanos and 3/6/4 mids is more a T3C than a T1/T2C. …
Hmm it’s a huggin.

I have 355.6 / 2390.2 m/s (noprop and with MWD) so in a BH it should be 462.28 / 3107.26 . The first one is correct, but the second one is not, (shows 3001 instead on your screen) unless you are lacking skills.

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