5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive with Improved Cloaking Device II?

Can be 5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive used with Improved Cloaking Device II? Let’s say I have a ship which can (with some modules) fly 800m/s. I will double click some point in my view to start flying in that direction. I will reach speed 800m/s. Then I will activate ICD II and my speed will drop to 200m/s. So far so good. Then I will activate 5MN Y-T8 and ship’s speed will slowly increase up to 1000m/s and then 5MN T-T8 is deactivated (for unknown reason) and speed is dropping back to 200m/s. When I try to activate it again there is message: “Interference from the cloaking you are doing is preventing your systems from functioning at this time”. Any idea why this is happening?

You can activate your mwd when you are in the process of cloaking (zoom in on your ship), but you can’t mwd when the cloak is on. Your mwd will finish its cycle before turning off.


Once your cloak is fully activated, you are unable to use ANY module that requires activation, including weapons, resistance modules, and propulsion modules.

There is a small window of opportunity, as Jester Heki said, to use them right before you fully cloak, but they will cycle once and then deactivate. Any further activation by any module will result in failure.

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the error is telling you what is happening…you can’t use modules while cloaked.

you would like to be cloaked AND to have speed at the same time? no
like, you know, in other mmos, you can be stealth but if you do something you get out of stealth etc

are the cornerstone of eve

Yes you can. But only for 1 cycle of the MWD.
It is called the Cloak+MWD trick. Used mainly to warp off of a gate. Here is how it is done : https://youtu.be/R0T4hBxEoF8

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Thank you.

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