My Corp just moved and the only npc ratting is drones... Please help


Can some one tell me how to make money in or the Kalevala expantion or the Etherium because my 2 bread winner Exploring and ratting pirates are non existant. all anomilies are drone combat zone and with my hurricane I used to do around 70M/hour parring pirates and selling drops to make about 100M/h and 50/M exploring but now it’s just about 3M/Hour and drone do not give drops and keep coming in combat zone. What can I do? Territories with Pirates are Min 25 Jumps away and all are going there and it makes it even further.

How do we make Mony here doing thing that I love: exploring and pirates. On one Belt I could make 5M in Bounty and salvage. I use to come to base with a full 400M3 of cargo worth about 50M and 70M of bounties, Now after 1 hour of drone killing I made 10M and en 1M of cargo.

Please help me…

I’m only a 1 Month old capsuler so going after bigger bounty is hard with tier I weapons

My prefered ship is the Hurricane was built to kill Battleship Pirates up to 5 at a time. I destroy Drone easly but they are not paying

Thanks you for your help

Not a PVE guy so can’t give you much advice on killing NPCs. These are the kind of things your corporation should be helping you with, so if they aren’t doing so then maybe you should be asking if you’re in the right corporation. Apart from that, I guess just look what others around you are using for ratting.

Looks like a few Vexor Navy Issues are getting killed there, maybe try that.

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Just checked, you’re in Pandemic Horde. Definitely just ask your corp-mates in chat or in your own forums. You will get a better answer there than you will here. Horde has hundreds of players who spend all day every day trying to think up the optimal ways to kill NPCs.

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Move to another section of space.

Drones are notorious for being poor in isk making. Only good things that drop are the drone ai chips and nexus chips, but those only drop from battleship drones I believe.

Salvage may be an option but it’s still not very good.

Only other thing I can recommend is move.