My idea is for signature radius relativity?

Eve online always been scientific in its own way and that is the beauty of the game we all stuck with for many years.
So to go to the point my idea is what if the signature radius also applies to the maximum targeting range as it does with scan resolution by reducing the maximum targeting range of ships that you target that have small signature radius ,
Bigger ships have longer maximum targeting range anyway the point is to create a dynamic in between small signature radius and maximum targeting range and if it is possible scan resolution creating and a dynamic play off forces for variable maximum Target :dart: you know just Eve being more Eve :joy::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Simply speaking your maximum targeting on small radius ships it will be shorter then what it would be on big ships.

Small sigs already have plenty of benefits you’ll be hard pressed to explain why they need a further buff.

It makes sense is small you have harder time getting lock on Target it is obvious that it should be closer to Target to have the ability to Target it .
Battleships and cruisers they have extra targeting range to counter the effect .
For the smaller ships the benefit is they won’t be as easy to be sniped from a long distance.
All depends how much affect they going to give it I’m not talking about dramatic things here probably play with something in between 20 to 40 k loss of maximum targeting range on some ships but also it will give some value to modules that improve targeting range

There is already plenty of value in targeting range model. “It makes sense” isn’t an argument for the level of buff you’re talking about. Getting range on a small target is one of the few ways larger ships have to be effective against them. It generally requires either support ships or poor piloting by the smaller ship.

Large ships are already hard to justify and you’re basically forcing frigate pvp to be at knife range.

In what way does this improve balance? What imbalance are you trying to solve?

Reducing somewhat the overall maximum targeting distance of a battleship against the frigate improves the survivability of the frigate by means of tracking , except if frigate uses micro work drive which will make it more visible from distance due to the signature radius ,
Also buy introducing the new module that is reducing signature radius by 10% and active 70% exclusively on battleships,
If they rework the signature radius in All ships they couldn’t balance in the new module to work for All ships and create new strategy over to the ones existing
Mainly new possibilities just making the game more exciting
Mainly bringing all the limits to the tipping point by using modules ,
I know more headaches for software engineers :grin:

But small ships don’t need to be more survivable against large ones. That survivability is already there in a pretty balanced state.

Don’t get me wrong this dynamic is great in games like nebulous fleet command but doesn’t really fit in eve.

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