Signature Radius Suppressor I VS Drifters

I haven’t had the courage to test myself (but I would with others <3 ) but I feeeeeeel like this is the key to affordable battleship setups that can face the drifters. Now normally I wouldn’t release this kind of information, at all, but the drifters are uh… somewhere between nuisance and menace in Pochven right now. I believe that this module will help remove them from the top of the regional killboards.
If it works for you, and you’re the first one that gets to plough the streets for everybody, send me a tip. ;p
|f this is already a thing, ignore me! I’ll delete lol

Try it then let us know.

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My plan for sure! I went out today in my Kronos against a Cassandra, but I popped the module a little late, since it was my first time fighting a drifter. XD
Well, now I know what a failure looks like, so the next time, when I get it right, if it’s any better than what happened, I’ll know roughly the effectiveness of the module.

In the end, my ideal application is probably a Hero Tank Nestor, and usage for those extra mid slots on the Leshak, with the floating other possibility of a solo vindicator. I’m pretty sure these module will make battleships piloted by alpha pilots able to kill drifters kill drifters reliably.

could you explain how exactly reducing your sig helps you tanking the drifter?
Which of his attacks do actually care that much about your sig, if you fly a BS?

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May I suggest some X-Instinct…

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You’d pop the active ability, right when the supershield overloads, and your target breaks, to reduce the incoming damage from the doomsday.

Oh no! Here I was out trying to do some science when ruffians attacked! The suppressor seemed kinda effective against the torpedoes tbh, but I had quite the ■■■■ fit looter marauder going. XD

Weapon is for 125 optimal signature, but it seems to use a tracking mechanic.
Paladin with Sig Surpressor has 115 signature. So even if it would work with missile application, it would only reduce the dmg by 10%, so i suppose another Hardener would be better?
If it uses tracking its propably worthless on a Marauder, cause you are standing still.

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This is true! It seems like other battleships are probably the real choice.
Nightmare, Nestor, Leshak has pretty low base sig radius, perhaps vindi/bhaal, looks like the blops have relatively low base sig radius as well.

@DutchGunner of ARC might know something about this. He’s the guy that wrote the Drifter Doomsday Manual.

Oh man I can just @ him @DutchGunner
SIR your work is where I started to at to try find the breakthrough we’d need. Thank you for the wonderfully compiled information.
Do you think this module in question would be useful?

Thanks for the ping @Shipwreck_Jones and linking the manual.

@Melicien_Tetro To reliably dodge a Doomsday from the Drifters, you’ll need a low enough signature radius and a high enough transversal velocity. Both are important to dodge a Drifter Doomsday.

The Signature Radius Suppressor will help you with reducing the signature radius in such a way that you’ll have a high success % at making the dodge, strictly with regard to the signature radius. You’ll need to get the timing right with activating the module, but it will do the trick to have the signature radius part covered.

Getting the transversal velocity high enough is the 2nd part of dodging the Doomsday. This really comes down to keeping the target Drifter as stationary as possible and orbiting as close as possible and as quickly as possible. When you do this, you can check your transversal velocity by adding it to your overview.

When you know both the Transversal and the signature radius, you can check the table in the manual for the hit% of the doomsday, or you can calculate it yourself.




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