Signature Radius Suppressors a sledgehammer hit towards shield tankers

Note: The writer of this post has a dyslectic component, and has been using google docs as a tool to help me with the making of the post, to try to negate the dyslectic component. So you have been warned :P.

After the recent change with the signature masking skill, which applies to the bear in mind it is a mid slot usages of this signature reducing module called Signature Radius Suppressors.

Which reduces the sig on the ship, for sure the module has it place in the game but as a med slot hell no, and tywm CCP for hitting the sledgehammer on shield tanking battleships with this module, they are already suffering from high sig already to make up for the tank, and fith the sig module you have to hit your tank secondly they already suffer from penalizing their tank from using med for utility and prop mods. However the armor tanking ships which also come with low signature radius as base can fith this module without a hitting their tanking ability or and thereby lower it base signature radius by even more which makes the enemy hitting it more difficult, secondly they don’t have to hit their utility or prop for their tanking ability…

The way I see this, the module was introduced without thinking it all hearty threw.

From the reasoning I lay out above, I would much rather have the module layout on this one as a utility high slot than a mid as its hits shield tanking ships too hard, compared to armor tanking ships that already has a low sig as a base stats, nor do they suffer their tanking ability from using Signature Radius Suppressors.

When you look further into this and how the skills are laid out in the game, the armor skills have one particular skill I want to put on the table. It is the Armor Layering, which in turn reduces the mass gain you get from adding more armor health through armor plates to your ship.

When you look at the skill layout for the shield tank, it has none sort of skills to reduce the signature radius increase you get from adding more health through the shield extenders in game.

Example of Battleship Hull Signature Radicus base stat

Amar Abaddon vs Caldari Rohk.

Abaddon gets: 470 and Rohk gets 500, not to mention the increased signature radius is from adding more health to is, which the Abaddon doesn’t.

End text,

When you are in a game where it is all about squeezing the numbers to make a good fith which in turns becomes the meta, when you introduce new mechanics or modules to the game, it must go through a well thought out process. When you look at Signature Radius Suppressors as it is now a med slots module, with this in mind the meta will surely drift towards armor tanking battleships, considering the module hits shield tanking battleships too hard. And by that the shield tanking battleships is out of the window in that regard.

I don’t fly battleships. I don’t even fly battlecruisers. I might if I’m in a fleet and it’s needed by FC but the odds of me participating in fleet combat is next to null.
I only fly destroyers and only a select few. I got Omega but I’m realizing now that I don’t need it until I’m ready to train for t3 destroyer, which could be next year so I’m just going to let subscription expire until then.

Your post is right about shield tanking but it’s wrong from design perspective.

Shield tanking is and will always be about PvE. Go armor tanking for PvP.

It cannot be a high slot because high slots are about effects caused to entities not the ship itself.

It cannot be a low slot because lows are about ship engineering, dmg modifiers and armor.

Mid slots are the place for shield modifications, CCP is right, you just trying to make shield tanking good for PvP, which is not. Better go armor tanking.

Nano-fleets say hello…

I don’t necessarily agree with the OP… but thebpremise to your argument is flawed.


None of you actually have any idea what you’re talking about.


I know I’ve been away for a while and all…if this is actually the case now lol WTF

While the Signature Radius Suppressor as a mid module will be hard to fit as shield battleship, I’m not yet convinced that is a bad thing.

Sure it’s bad that shield ships -that already have a large signature- get even more competition for their mid-slot modules with this new module. But I feel that people who want to fly a battleship with a small signature radius wouldn’t choose a shield battleship in the first place, just like that people who want to fly a battleship with natural passive regeneration wouldn’t choose to fly an armour battleship.

If you want your battleship to have a small signature, don’t fly a shield ship. Or do, but be prepared to make some concessions.

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Cloak, siege, bastion and possibly core/expanded probe launchers are all high slot modules that only effect the ship itself.


I blame CCP, my design was without any flaws.

What? You’re just wrong. Also you forgot that lows also include agility and speed modules.

I was being ironic, but I gotta say you are wrong.

These are side effects of affecting ship armor/hull/mass.

The design stands!

Unsure if inertial stab fit that. Something I forgot earlier, Warp Core Stab, those are low slot mods and I’m pretty sure they aren’t related to armor/hull/mass.

Oh good. Hull tanking has not been messed with.

Wait, I thought it was a buff for them ? Since shield battleships have even larger sig, that further benefit by reducing that sig ?
And it’s just a thing of choosing what you want your ship to benefit from. Taking harder with a shield boost amplifier means higher sig, but replacing it with a Sig Supressor means less tank for smaller sig.

Why would you fly a BS if you wanted a small sig in the first place?


Sometimes you want the power and tank of a battleship and want a (relatively) small sig.

I think a better question is: why would you fly a shield battleship if you wanted a small sig in the first place?


Well I want the speed of a Slasher and the power of a Battleship, but I cant have that for sensible reasons.


You’re making an extreme example that isn’t applicable here.

There is a difference between asking for a battleship with the sig radius of a frigate and asking for a battleship with a relatively smaller sig than other battleships to let sig-based damage apply less.

With this sig radius suppressor you don’t get the sig radius of a frigate, but it will surely reduce damage from torpedoes and bombs.

No one mentioned a battleship with the sig radius of a frigate except you.

Do you get the sig radius of a Battlecruiser?

You brought in the slasher.

My bad that I read that as asking for the sig of a slasher (as we were talking about sig), but you wrote speed.