My Thoughts, the Ida, a journey without end - Press Release

Namas and Greetings fellow Empyreans

It is my pleasure to announce my plans to release a research paper on the Ida, which will be titled “The Ida, a journey without end.” I plan to enter the work into the YC 125 New Eden Capsuleer writing contest at the end of next month.

I felt inclined to post this now and make my intentions known.

I also had a rather odd conversation with an individual from some tabloid and I do have a mind I am about to be portrayed as some crazed loon in some hack job obviously I hope this is not the case as such I would see as an attack on my person, reputation and in some ways more importantly my business and I would have to take legal action.

I have now seen the article and can say that my fears were misplaced as was my judgement on this matter I praise Mr Stane for his balanced reporting.

Anyway I hope this really attracts some Empyreans in engaging their more spiritual side.


Good. Take your time. Expiration date is 31st May.

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I will be looking forward to your future publication and what insights it may bring.

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Namas and Greetings fellow Empyreans

I am delighted to confirm the launch of my little work please feel free to indulge some time viewing the works of said labour. It has been a work of some dedication and time, I hope such shines through.


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