Mythos Corp: Official Announcement

Mythos Corp left last from The-Culture, as we did in almost every alliance we were in the past.

The-Culture was born from the ashes of Black Legion and their conquest of Fountain. From that time it was one of the most stable military and political forces in West Null Sec. T-C never bent the knee to any super power block.

Mythos Corp, being a founding member of T-C, never stopped fighting with honor for our alliance. Even when the alliance was about to end, we still had the morale and the will to fight close to our brothers winning glorious victories till the very end. All these years our Corp contributed to alliance wealth by supporting multiple POS, citadels and industry, aspects of the game where mythos, as a pvp focused corporation, was not accustomed with.

Now a new challenge is in front of us and it is called TRIUMVIRATE.

We are now joining TRI for new experiences during a time when their sov is under heavy siege. We are very happy to fly with them and no matter the result, we will continue fighting.

Mythos would like to thank all the corps that flew with us, every pilot who fought by our side and every enemy that we engaged under the flag of T-C.

Mythos Leadership

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Hi Suzana,

the Mythos corporation made a feasible decision.

Honor and resilience is on your side.

Greetings from,

I am glad Mythos keeps supporting the fight of few against the fight of many by not joining a power bloc.
Best of luck till we meet again.

Mythos keeps proving that gives 100% , as always. Best of luck to you , fly safe!!

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