[MYURI] C2 Wormhole PVP

So let’s be real here, how many times have you asked someone a question and they give you some typical response without being able to actually explain the reason behind it?
When’s the last time you actually challenged yourself in this game and really learned something?
Have you lost a bunch to pvp and when you ask questions people shrug you off unable to help you learn how to get better?

Well then it’s time for the obvious sales pitch, Myuri Mercs is recruiting!

We are a C2 wormhole corp that is reforming after years of being inactive (I had other things to do). If you want to actually learn this game, this may be your opportunity. Yes, wormhole life can be the most challenging in the game, but it’s that challenge that forces you to really learn and get better.

What are we looking for?

  • Willing to listen and learn
  • Willing to be on coms and work with others
  • Wanting to PVP
  • The “Wormhole attitude”
  • Full ESI check (Obviously)
  • Omega with at least a couple months of experience

Where does Myuri want to go?
Right now we want to grow our numbers in the US TZ. We do have pilots in both EU and US and are willing to work with EU TZ pilots. As we are starting from the bottom, teaching new pilots how to pvp in all its forms will take time and priority as well as making the money to support those pvp habbits.

If this sounds like a good fit or opportunity for you, come join our Pub: “Myuri Mercs”
or get in contact with
CEO: Arceleran Kisume

Recruitment is open and we are looking for a few more pvp hungry newbros to teach how to murder those pesky data/relic runners that don’t know how to wormhole yet!!

Still looking for a couple more NEWBROS to teach some cool PVP to!!

When’s the last time someone was able to actually explain how game mechanics work to you without BS’ing their way through? Wanna learn more about the game with pilots that actually have a clue? Come hang out with us and see for yourself how much about this game you can still learn!!

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