[Wormhole] Every corporation has a "that one guy". You could be ours

Do you want to do whatever the hell you want without some CEO raging on comms about whatever?

Are you a newbro nervous about PVP because your ship might get blown up?

You agree that Survivor - I can’t hold back is one of the greatest 80’s power ballads?

Wanna dick all up inside a wormhole?

Just chill afk if you want?

Are you tired of masturbating alone?

If you answered yes to any (all) of these questions then Welcome to Ashes of Selador!

#Update: I have found a C3/LS Pulsar with good PI. Astrahus is online. Newbros can learn WH mechanics, can still roam/hunt through incoming k162 chains, jump out static for frigate or whatever pvp, run home sites (if you want) and maybe some PI if you feel like banging your head against a wall. There is a new member and he would love more company

#Update 2: 7 members have joined in just one day! Everyone is communicating well and already getting to know one another. Come check us out.

#Update 3: If you are an Alpha please be aware that if you are a SUPER FRESH Alpha you could be turned away for reasons. Also be aware that while Alpha is ok, it will gimp your experience a little bit. We will teach you what you need to know and all the nice naughty bits to touch in a wormhole.

#Update 4: Applications still rolling in, I think we’re up to 15 members in 3days. As such, majority vote has ruled that we find a new wormhole. The hunt is underway and we are still accepting applications during this process.

A little about me:

My in game name is Unholey and I have 135mil+ SP. I used to be a Director/recruiter/propaganda minister for a wormhole corp that eventually killed itself.

Guys, I’ve been flying solo and I’m all out of memes. I need memes, I need your memes.

I’m looking for laid back fighters that don’t expect everyone to be on 24/7. I have a life to live and so do you. If I log on and you’re not there, great! Wanted to fly solo anyway.

But seriously, I am looking for someone(s) to fly with and I don’t want people to think of it as my corporation but instead yours as well. This is not a dictatorship.

Alpha Clones are welcome. Don’t worry about dying or not being able to fly a certain dOctRiNe. The doctrine is whatever you can fly that goes pew pew. It’s a killboard that no one cares about. Play the game how you want to play. Since it is a Pulsar effect wh though, I would train into shields but I’m not the boss of you. Do whatever you want.

I don’t want the Corp to go in an Indy direction. Rather PvP, Griefing and more PvP. But whatever you do in the hole is your choice, I personally don’t want to mine.

I can offer a frigate/destroyer/cruiser replacement program for PVP as long as it’s not a retarded fit and loaded with purple. Let’s be reasonable ya greedy bastards.

We are also offering MONTHLY prizes in 3 different categories. We’re not talking: “here’s a heron, good job.” These are legit. I want to offer incentives to create content and help people have fun along the way.

Come steal my ■■■■.

I’ve been self sufficient for the last 2 years but I’m ready for others to join in this content.

In game name: Unholey

Additional Recruiters: Aniyah Driskell & Grawr Hatter

Corporation: Ashes of Selador

Hangout/Recruitment Channel: Pod and Pillage

Im in North America: Central Standard Time. Not a requirement.

Public Discord Channel

But that’s not all!!

Apply using Discord link above or Chat channel: Pod and Pillage and receive a free Fedo co-pilot and the newest flavor in QUAFE. It’ll be sure to knock you back in to your pilots seats.

Not enough time to spend as I do several things which take up the little time I have but will keep an eye on how this is going for the future when I could drop one of my alts into wh life which I always wanted to experience eventually but lack the time to do so for now.

Two questions out of curiosity:

  1. Do you require an API key as part of the application process (or any kind of background check for that matter)?

  2. Is using discord mandatory (or any voice comms whatsoever or even any third party text chat for that matter) or simply using the in-game corp (and fleet) chat (text only) is enough?

  1. I haven’t been asking. Have you been naughty, do I need to?

  2. 3rd party voice not mandatory but personally it would make roams and the overall experience of wormhole life difficult for you. Unless you just plan on doing PI or something and aren’t very much into PvP. 3rd party text communications… Nah.

Msg me in game

Still recruiting. Come hold hands with us

Do you want free prizes just for playing the game? Better apply now!

Will the new WH be pulsar as well

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