Calling all pilots that don't want EVE to be a 2nd full-time job

Are you nervous about PVP because your ship might get blown up?

You agree that Survivor - I can’t hold back is one of the greatest 80’s power ballads?

Wanna dick all up inside a wormhole?

Just chill afk if you want? (We know you’re there ignoring us)

Are you tired of masturbating alone?

Welcome to Ashes of Selador

Propaganda Video
Propaganda Poster

We live in a C4-C3/C4 Red Giant named, Harold.

We’re a group of grown men that work full-time jobs and don’t have the energy to come home and make EVE another job. In other words, it’s a relaxing environment. If you don’t know what it’s like to work long hours and come home wanting to relax… we’re not the corp for you. I don’t want to make it an 21+ older corp but you get the idea.

We also don’t expect everyone to be on all the time. RL comes first and it always will. I can’t be on 24/7 so I don’t expect you to. We’re perfectly capable of generating content for ourselves. I don’t boot for inactivity, I get it, you busy.

If you don’t have wormhole experience, that’s okay but please get your try-hard-pants out of the dryer because some effort/reading will be required on your part. We’re happy to help but you’ll have to put forth effort as well. You will also need to train some skills unless already known. Scanning skills are essential.

ESI checks are performed and members are required to join SEAT.

We have USTZ, EUTZ and AUTZ(1 guy, he would like more friends) members with a couple more mixed in there.

In game name: Unholey

Additional Recruiters: Grawr Hatter - Lok Utrigas - Azrael Hunts - Jack Auduin

Corporation: Ashes of Selador

Alliance: Resurrection Infinity (Talks are open about corps joining)

Recruitment Pub Channel: Pod and Pillage

Public Discord Channel

We are looking for ALL Timezones.

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