[NA] Returning 78m pilot looking for a corp

While the tag is NA, I’m a chef so I mostly play in the morning/afternoons of US East TZ.

I can fly a LARGE range of ships, from t3 to most t2s including blops. I enjoy logi and plan on training this character into faxs. I have a cap pilot, just not 100% sure how long I’ll stick around so idk about putting 2 accounts on omega. I’m looking for null or wh, something where our space is ours. Just makes the game feel more meaningful imo when you’re fighting for your “home”. I enjoy pvp and am very experienced in indy, just have to read up on how everything landed with the indy changes a while back to get caught up.

Any other questions, fire away.

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You Are Welcome With us :grinning:

Hey man, you’d fit well with BROTY. You’ll probably get to use that FAX too when it’s trained :wink: USTZ is the corps strongest TZ. Stop by disc and have a chat!

Look no furthur come check Imperium Technologies out, we are one of the oldest running corps in the game with plently of experience within the gane to help you with whatever you want to do. Our sov is rich in content, and plently of action to be found. Act now and come join us.

Imperium Technologies - PvP | Null Sec | New & Old
[ PvP focused with 100% SRP ]

  • No Life like Null Life, come join a great Corp with a long proud history in Eve Online’s Null-sec community

  • Newbros/Returning/Old welcome all can apply

  • Be part of one of the oldest corps in the game

  • 80% Buyback program for all your loot.

  • 0.0 Life!!! vast area of null-sec spanning several regions ( Querious/Catch )

  • Open boarders with all coalitions space

  • 20 years of knowledge and love to train our pilots.



  • PvP focused, We play hard, we fight hard.

  • Want to discover the riches of nullsec? We’ll show you how!

  • Escape the rat race of highsec! Be a law unto yourself in 0.0.

  • We own plenty of ares for you to explore and discover the kind of pilot you want to be.

  • Must be +18 years of age or older (family/friends exempt as long as they are mature).

Please contact me for more info
In-game name: Bloodytears Damon
Discord: ArchMage#9082
IT Discord: Imperium Technologies

check this guys out

Hey Xavi,

GriMM Is a USTZ pvp corp living in Geminate. Would love to have a chat with you and see if we could peak your interest.

Check out Holy Hunters!


TEMPLAR is recruiting.

Hi there,

Have a look at what we offer and come have a chat with us on our Running with Dogs Discord if you’d like to have a chat.

Whats up, Small corp USTZ here focused on team work and being able to do what you want when you want.
We currently have a HS base, A FW base 1 jump from LS and a C4 and we are expanding in to null now also. We run mining fleets and pvp fleets all the time stop by and say Hi
ps, also a Chef o7

Don’t know if you found your Corp or not, but if your interested my Corp live in Esoteria and were looking for members who want to live there. Were a Corp who build, invent, mine do Sites and ofc do PVP. We’re not a big Corp but peeps are online and very helpful and keen on sharing and helping each other.

If your interested Write to me ingame on Golborne or on discord .
Here is link to our discord where you also can reach out


Ethereal Morality Proud Member of the Initiative

✪ Chill Real Life Comes First Group of mature people ✪ US/EU TZ ✪ PvP :skull_and_crossbones: oriented corp with PVE opportunities.

✪ Plenty of ISK making opportunities to fund PVP.

✪ Extensive Alliance infrastructure in place in space, With Alliance JF Services

✪ Experienced Corp Leadership and FC’s

✪ Friendly Members who are always willing to help

  • What We Require-
    ✪ At least one useful Alt (Cap Or Tackle)

✪ Minimum Age of 18 years old

✪ Omega Account

✪ 35,000,000 SP minimum Must be self-sufficient in: Rating in 0.0, Mining, Exploring, etc… 5 FATs per month requirement

✪ Full ESI on All Characters

✪ No Drama

✪ Willingness to train into Alliance Doctrine Ships and Be part of the Team. We often enjoy playing other games together when not logged into EVE.

If you want to know more Join us on Discord


Come give us a look at The Order of Omerta. We’re a chill group of guys looking to expand and find more fun ppl to play with.

The Order of Omerta stop by and chat us up


Hi there, SOUSN might be the place for you.

We are a PvE and Indy-focused corp but we still have plenty of fun with PvP, particularly with small-gang ops (though our alliance and coalition have plenty of opportunities for larger fleet content).

We’re a closely-knit, supportive community (but always happy to bring new people in). We have solid objectives as a corp, but RL is always put first.

Our ad is pretty self-explanatory but if you wanna chat more, drop into our Discord

we are looking for pilots who are self-sufficient and just want a group to fly with. We currently are doing some content in fw on the side also between fleets. we are part of the imperium alliance located in querious and catch. join our discord and chat to see if we are a fit for you.

Hey man, maybe our WH would be for you. Give us a check, you’d fit in with us, both playstyle wise + timezone. I heavily recommend you give our forum post a read.