NADSC - 'Augen' Squadron

All Credit to Charles Cambridge Schmidt.

Ewar/Air Superiority squadron “Augen” lead by Cmdr Schmidt. A peculiar air squadron. None of the aircraft are physically piloted; as per Cmdr Schmidt’s request, all applicants must have been augmented to a significant degree before being trained in the drone program.

Squadron uses extensively modified drone aircraft equipped with potent EWAR suites to disrupt or otherwise disable hostile ground or air capability, depending on configuration. Each aircraft has the ability to disable hostile aircrafts’ HUDs mid-flight or otherwise tamper with their instrumentation. Pilots who utilize this on hostile aircraft have clearance to bridge radio communication and speak with those they hamper, either to intimidate, to cause doubts, or even to build rapport. Due to the bulk of the EWAR suites and to stay capable of high manoeuvrability, each aircraft is equipped with high velocity gimballed railguns with “smart” ammunition.

Be it due to orders or otherwise, “Augen” pilots always seek to achieve air to air victories without hostile pilots being KIA as a result of the destruction of their aircraft. Behind the scenes, Charles has admitted to Commander Edward ‘Mantel’ Adams that this is bred into the squadron members both as a hesitance to perpetuate war, but also to build a reputation.


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Though Flosewin is about to flip, I’m presuming the ground deployments and holdouts there from the Amarr are going to stick about for a few more days or weeks. If you have a character/organization that’s assisting in the efforts and would like to collaborate about this particular ace squadron causing trouble, or otherwise, please throw me a mail OOCly. Or allies! Or whoever.

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