Nanite Systems [N.SYS] (AU+EUTZ corp) Seeking new pilots!

Nanite Systems is a high-sec based corporation, members are primarily from AUTZ and EUTZ. Here at Nanite Systems our primary goal is to have fun; we achieve this by providing a no-requirement, low tax corporation, with various fleets & events to join and of course good ol’ banter in Discord, our primary out of game communications.

We enjoy all sorts of activities, from Mining & Industry, Trading & Hauling to PVP & PVE, and everything in between. Being based on high-sec, we do enjoy flying into all other areas of space to spice things up a bit, whether it some low-sec mining, wormhole exploration, or a deadly null-sec roam!

Nanite Systems has members of various skill levels & backgrounds, Omega or Alpha; we are happy to have new pilots, and old pilots. We currently have a mixture of each, and of course our older players are more than happy to share their knowledge with newer players. Nanite Systems is new-player friendly!

Our in-game recruitment channel is called ‘N.SYS Recruitment’, & our discord server can be joined via Nanite Systems.. Please feel free join join us in either of these options, we’d love to have a chat with you!


· None!


· Have fun!

What do we offer?

· Fun!

· Various fleets (exploration, mining, PVP, PVE, Missions, Abyssal groups)

· Market trade hub with plenty of stock & marketing opportunities.

· Ship-Replacement Programme.

· Moon mining.

· Rigged refinery!

· Corporation blueprint library!

· Newbro starter ships.

Thanks for considering Nanite Systems!


We are still hiring! :smiley:

Please contact us if you wish to enquire about joining N.SYS!

We are still hiring, come join our discord!

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