Naval Defence Alliance recruiting new pilots - Null/Low/Highsec


If you are looking for a well organised, helpful group, then look no further. We are a well-rounded mid size group of nullsec and lowsec fighters and miners, who are primarily active in EU and US tz with a growing membership in Australian tz.

Our organisational structure gives the opportunity to guide and care for each other and we offer content whether you a new player or veteran.


Naval Defence Academy:
If you are a beginner, our Naval Defence Academy will teach you the ropes in HS and after graduation you have access to our null or lowsec group

Naval Defence Militia:
Small fully PvP oriented group which primary focuses to defend nullsec space and do regular roams in lowsec, while doing FW objectives. This is a new group so every experienced and veteran player is welcome.

Naval Defence Force:
The backbone of the alliance, main force of the alliance from industry to pvp across EVE. Experienced and Naval Academy graduates can join this group.

Join our discord and drop a line: Naval Defence Alliance a recruiting manager will contact you ASAP.

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daily multiple fleets, activity and more

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We do ESS roams where we either do legendary stuff or bored and chat and turns out to be legendary conversation. Either way, join us to become legendary!

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