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Hi everyone,

I’m looking for some EVE lost media. I can no longer find the video “A Wild Sabre Appears” by Nbonga, i really liked that video as a sabre enthusiast and want to show it to a friend.

Nbonga also had a pvp montage if I recall correctly but I cannot find it on his Youtube channel.

Does anyone have a copy of the video or know how I could get a copy?


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Sorry, I can’t help you. But since I’m here, I’m looking for the song “You’re a mean one, CCP”. Which is set to “you’re a mean on, Mr Grinch.”

I don’t have links for either of those, but did find a saved link for an old post that had a bunch of Curzon Dax’s song re-writes available.

Warning: I haven’t tested these to see if they still work/download, so check at your own risk.


Does anyone know if Nbonga is on discord or somehow I can reach out to him?

If you reply to one of his other videos or comments on Youtube, he should get an email notification I believe.

I’ll try that out, thanks! :slight_smile:

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