[NCoLs] - NeuCo Labs is recruiting (US/EU TZ | SOV Null)

Come and join a null corporation that supports its members growth. If you’re tired of being a line member or a blank name in a list of members, you might have stumbled across a new home. Here at NeuCo, we take pride in our members. Come and use your skills and knowledge of the game to maximize your ISK earning potential all with the guidance of other like minded individuals.



What we offer:

  • Teamwork and guidance without intrusiveness

  • Nullsec SOV without the alliance-level comittments and wars

  • Opportunity to grow your own ISK ventures using corp infrastructure

  • Tons of community and corporation benefits and communications


  • Daily mining fleets in max level systems

  • Fully upgraded ratting systems

  • Access to corp owned R32-moons + gas sites

  • Low tax corp facilities (Reprocessing, Reactions, Manufacturing, BP’s)

  • Corp moon mining every other weekend

  • Profitable market-hub ripe for seeding

  • Corp buyback and freight program


  • 5M Skillpoints

  • Omega status on at least one character


  • Looking to bring in skilled FC’s and Recruiters, EveMail Urlen Kane directly

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