Neda - Homecoming

It was going to happen any minute now, the camera drones slowly floating outside the massive ships, scouting the systems. Sometimes looking back at the ship catching the cloaking system reflecting the light from the blue star wrong. With a mental flick she send her conclusions out and she were looking from one of drones in the massive hangar of her ship, she spotted her fiancé between the people working, her dark dreadlocks easy to spot in between the other. It made her smile to watch the other women commandeer the others around. She looked around and surveying five deep space transports ships already ready to take off then they entered Neda, they all just waited for the green light now.

And then it came, the voice of her timid second in command came clear though.

“Cyno is lid, system is green for jump in.”

She again could see the star outside the ship, as the recalled all the camera drones still lingering around the now decloaking super-carrier. The massive ships jump drive slowly started spinning up, as har body gave a small jolt inside the pod as the jump meds entered her system. She counted down in her head 3… 2… 1… and everything went black as the ship entered the jump tunnel. Even though she done it many times before she always hated the next part, she could feel it as the tunnel started to collapse as it reached its destination. It was like hitting a brick wall at high speed, as a wall of force announced the massive ships entry into Neda’s orbit, and then it hit her the massive headache, the reward for such a long jump.

She send out the camera drones again, as well as a massage to both the Sorn Estate and the Sardar admiral, and again forced on the ship and its crew. It was only because of a small warning that blinked, in the corner of her mind that she didn’t get of axles. As something large from the planet hit the ships shield, all her drones quickly moved to give her a better view, as three large beams of laser from the planets defence grid hit her shield again. She quickly sent off another massage out this one a little more urgent, as the families warning of shield failing flashed before her eyes. She grimaced in pain, as another broke though the shield and hit the armoured plating of the right front wing, the nanopaste already spread out to repair the burn mark of the massive laser.

She tried again as self doubt started to creep in, why did she even think this was a good idea, her closest were after all onboard. This time she included her sisters own comms to the massage.

“This is Maira Sorn Blackfire, first daughter of Nomia Sorn. Captain of the S-II Serpent caller,
I come in peace bearing supplies and resources for the Sardar Admiral Mirza Chakaid and both the 8th and 19th Royal Uhlan forces … I beg… cease firing…”

Two more hit, the pain again sent flashes before her eyes, as she forced them closed waiting for more. Armour repairs already overheated to try and keep up with the barge of fire trying to blast her out of the sky.

Seconds past, her eyes still closed in anticipation of another hit, seconds that turned to minutes. She again dated opens her eyes, the pods wall was quiet. Again she sent out her concessions towards the drones around the hammered hull of her ship, around her ships bearing the Royal Navy colours were gathering, another blinking notified her of a incoming message. She made drones focused on the Redeemer class battleship in front the super-carrier and let the massage play

“Is this captain Andre of the Silver Lance, Welcome home Lady Sorn, apologies for the rough welcome home”

Ships leave the S-II Serpent caller, as fresh supplies arrived for Neda V


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