Return to Eve - New Beginnings


The chime sounded pulling Marus’ thoughts back to the present. Inhaling a deep breath he allowed the incense to fill his lungs once more, soothing mind and body.

Senses heightened he could feel a slight change in the flow of air that blew into the cave from the plains above.

“Excuse the interruption Anam”, said Sirkhan, “There has been a communication.”. Marus smiled at the formality from his old friend. Anam. Not really a title or name. An imprecise concept. Soul or searcher. Always used within these places and among those who followed the tradition or those who sought out either.

Marus opened his eyes slowly, flickering light causing him to blink awkwardly. He rose to his feet and turned to his friend.


“Yes. Not an hour ago.It seems to have passed through many channels. Many of the codes attached are unfamiliar, but look at this.” Sirkhan’s outstretched hand proffered a compact, small datapad.

Marus took the pad searching the codes. Among his former comrades somethings were only spoken person to person. A word or phrase that indicated trust, of belonging, shared purpose or shared pain. Never used casually. To see even a partial use in this setting disturbed him.

Marus handed the pad back to Srikhan and said, “I assume we are expecting a visitor?”.

Sirkhan nodded and looked upwards and towards the path leading to the outside. Marus moved forward and began climbing the steps.

As they approached the entrance to the cave Marus noticed two figures in unfamiliar uniform clothing in conversation some 50 metres away. As they became aware of his presence they stiffened and moved towards him. Out of the corner of his eye Marus was aware that there were others also here at the hillside, a place unused to gatherings.

Sirkhan stepped up behind him and said, “They appear to be exactly who they say they are, but Turgai as always trusts no-one”, indicating a third figure approaching the group.

As the strangers got closer Marus was surprised to see the tell-tale signs that the men were capsuleers. Rare here. One of the men stopped while the second continued towards him. Marus could see now the small red clenched fist pin on his uniform collar, matched on the opposite collar by an unfamiliar design.

Stepping close the stranger whispered, “Until all hope is gone, and all comrades lost …”.

Marus drew a sharp breath and replied “…forward into the darkness, with fists clenched, screaming defiance, We come for our People.”


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