A New Beginning

25 - 10 - 123
After so many years fighting at the front lines, you have seen it all, endless and meaningless destruction to gain few AU of enemy space. All for another planet, all for another gate… but I’m done fighting for them, now it is time to fight only for myself and the ones I do care about.
These Minmatar people were at first only the latest hirers of a long chain of jobs, but now I get to call some of them family and share with them my hopes and dreams. One of these dreams is called Ontorn III, a beautiful pearl in this empty space that only waits to be taken, a place were we could grow and strive. The colonist have all told me their stories about the planet, they seem all very excited, I do not share their mood but I’m surely getting curious. Anyway in 25 hours we will be there.


We are here, and the stories didn’t make justice for its beauty is far beyond what could be described with words. From orbit I can see endless kilometres of untouched rain forest, mountain peaks waiting to be discovered.
The colonist are all eager to set foot on ground, but I know that this is not time to celebrate, the Amar menace its just few light years away, and there is much work to do in order to be prepared to meet them.


27-10-123 - Encrypted message to location: ######019746.21-SECURE-CODE42-
*The unloading of personal and resources is underway, *
several sites for excavation have been localized in the equatorial band.
The FOB has been established on POS-39, a volcanic island with favorable
environmental factors.
STATUS REQUEST: incoming cargo delivery, ETA 6h:12m:36s, please confirm
in order to begin mining operations
SURVEY STATUS: INCOMPLETE, lintel on system and region are missing, URGENT send updated information via secure transfer.

Personal Note: my contacts in the Gallente Militia have finally replied, they asked to meet them at 22.00, hopefully they’ll know more about the current situation in the region otherwise we will have to rely on the Intel coming from the Republic, if it arrives at all…


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